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Yo :D [01 Aug 2012|03:39pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Another update!

Firstly, I finally uploaded some new userpics! I got new ones of John, Punk and Chris, plus a cute duck one :) I'm using Punk for this entry.

When was the last time I updated? *checks* Back at the end of June. Quite a bit has happened since then. List form:

- I turned 28 on July 13 :) I had to work on my birthday. Peter (with Jo helping him) made a huge deal out of it and tied up some balloons on our desk, and made me wear a huge pin that said I was the birthday girl. Customers were wishing me happy birthday all day xD Then Johnny, Richard, Michael and Stewart (my other coworkers) dropped in and they, Peter and Jo all sung me happy birthday and Peter got me a cake. It was SO awesome, Peter is the best boss ever! I told him he didn't have to, but he said because he only has six employees he can afford to do something for everybody :)

- The girls and Lewis threw me a party the next night and it was so awesome. All my coworkers (plus Peter) and all my friends came and we had a blast!

- Vegas turned 6 on July 4 :D We didn't do anything on his actual birthday cos his party was on the weekend. Jo and Cheryl helped me manage all the 5 and 6 year olds and it was actually really fun xD All of Vegas' friends' parents got him books which pleased me, they said I had a really great perspective and were going to do the same thing with their kids. Haha I was worried they'd think I was odd xD

- Rahel's birthday is on Friday :D She turns 10! Good God lol. My oldest is into double figures! Again, her party is on the Saturday cos she has school on her actual birthday. I organised with her teacher though to send some cupcakes with her to school so she can share with her classmates, which should be a nice surprise for them :) She's having a sleepover for her party with 4 of her closest friends, they're all camping out in her room. She's extremely excited about it. David is taking Shawn, Nate and Vegas to stay with my MIL for Saturday night, while I watch Rahel and her friends. I might invite one of the girls over to hang out with me xD

- Nate turns 1 on August 28 :D Time flew by, this time last year I was heavily pregnant O_O Whoa mama xD We weren't going to do much for his birthday but my parents insisted on a family get together, 1st birthdays are huge in our family. We're all going to my Grandma's house for it.

Lots of birthdays xD Haha only Shawn & David aren't in July or August - Shawn's in May and David's in September. David is 35 this year and is complaining about it, but I reminded him that John Cena is also 35 xD

Hey that reminds me, speaking of WWE, David and I are going to Sydney for a WWE show at the end of the month. You remember how I told you about Bree's wedding two years ago? Jo and I ended up becoming friends with her sister and mother. Well, I got a call the other week from Bree's sister Marcie - she said she'd won tickets to WWE's event in Sydney (really good RINGSIDE seats too!), but she wasn't a huge fan (she entered cos she enters every competition she sees xD). She remembered that David and I were, so she called and offered us the tickets, which is extremely nice of her. She said we could stay with her and her husband. All we had to pay for was flights, and we could easily get those cheap. I talked it over with David and we agreed we wanted to go. We've already organised with my parents for them to babysit the kids overnight. I'm so excited :) It'll be cool to see Marcie and her husband again too! Marcie said we should have lunch with Bree's Mum while we're there, and I agreed. We're not seeing Bree though, and Marcie hasn't even told her that we're coming over. I can only imagine what her reaction would be. LOL I end up being better friends with her sister and Mum then her. I told Jo about the trip and she cracked up at the image of Bree's reaction to it :P So yeah, we've got that to look forward to :D

Right now the plan is fly over in the morning, have lunch with Marcie and Bree's Mum (David might go off and do his own thing for this part lol), do a bit of shopping, go the show that evening, stay over at Marcie's, have breakfast the next morning, a bit more shopping (buy some stuff for the kids), catch flight home. We'll be home by late afternoon, so the kids only need to be at Mum & Dad's for one night.

Today I don't have work, but I do tomorrow. After work tomorrow, Jo is coming over to help me bake the cupcakes for Rahel's class. We could buy them, but it's too expensive considering there's 30 kids in her class, and we want some too :P So we'll make enough for them and us xD

At the moment, David is mad for the Olympics. He currently has our MySky filled up with recordings from multiple channels xD I think the hard drive will be full soon, cos we have all our WWE recorded on there too haha. David now wants to go to the next Olympics, it's in Brazil, so that should be fun :P LMAO. I told him we should go to the Football World Cup there first and decide if we like it first xD

Ok, I have to go pick up the kids from school and Shawn from preschool, I'll be back a bit later.


I'm back :) For once, the weather is actually sunny so I walked to meet the kids. I ran into Cheryl waiting by the school gate and chatted to her while we waited. The bell rung and literally a minute later, Vegas appeared to meet me. He's such a good boy, being on time :) Jess appeared for Cheryl, they said bye and headed off. Rahel was taking her sweetass time, and I was getting annoyed cos we had to go pick up Shawn, and I didn't want to make the ladies at his preschool wait. Vegas, Nate (in the stroller) and I walked off into the school to find her and discovered her chatting to her friends. I told her we had to go (by this point it was 3:10), and she whined and said she wanted to keep talking to her friends. I said "you'll see them at your sleepover on Saturday, now come on!" :P Yay for me being the strict parent :D Rahel begrudgingly said bye and I hauled the kids off to pick up Shawn. I apologised to the preschool ladies for being late (and glared at Rahel as I did LMAO) but they said it was fine. They're so lovely :)

We got home about 10 minutes ago, I told Rahel to do her homework before she could watch TV as a punishment for making us wait, and she stomped off into her room in a snit haha. She'll get over herself in a while :P I praised Vegas for being prompt and on time, he beamed at me :D Now he's watching TV, Shawn is playing with toys, Nate is napping and Rahel is still in a sulk in her room. She'll do her homework while she's sulking though xD She tried the puppy dog eyes on me earlier, I told her not to do that cos I invented those :P

Hmm, David is cooking dinner tonight, it's his turn. I know he's making stir fry cos he asked me to pick up the ingredients for him this morning. Rahel better finish her homework before he gets home, cos the moment he does he turns on one of the Olympic channels. If she wants to watch anything before Dad hogs the TV, she has to do it before he gets home :P A replay of the artistic gymnastics team final is on at 5pm, and I'm watching it. I don't care what David says :P I used to do gymnastics, so I always watch it. The live coverage was on in the middle of the night, so I couldn't watch it :( I just asked Vegas to let me flip through the Olympics channels for a second, there's equestrian, diving (David is taping it), beach volleyball, fencing, water polo, tennis (also being taped), badminton and men's volleyball on the channels right now, plus weightlifting on the free to air channel. Nothing that thrilling, so I gave the remote back to Vegas.

Ok I'm bored, so time for some surveys :)

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Hi :) [29 Jun 2012|02:42pm]
I'm updating again :D

My weekend has already begun cos I don't work Friday, woohooooo :) I get a three day weekend technically hehe.

The weather is just blah though. I went grocery shopping for the weekend this morning - usually I take Nate in the stroller and walk to the mall, but I was afraid it was going to rain, so we went in the car. I love our local supermarket, all the ladies who work there go gaga over Nate and coo over him ♥ I always end up spending 15 minutes chatting to them, cos it's always quiet on weekday mornings. I dropped in to see Jo at work - she doesn't usually work Friday either but Johnny is on leave (he's gone to France on holiday, lucky bastard!) so she's filling in for him. I hung out with her and Richard for a bit, then came home. I called Cheryl and chatted to her while I had lunch. I'm meeting her when I go to pick up Rahel and Vegas from school (her daughter Jess goes to the same school) and they're gonna come back here and hang out for a bit.

Speaking of Vegas, his birthday is next Wednesday :) He's turning 6! He's having a birthday party on the 7th. It's gonna be mad, lots of 6 year old kids running around! David is doing his usual tactic of trying to get out of it, so I told him he can take Rahel, Nate and Shawn out while I run the party with Jo and Cheryl's help (Jo always helps me out, and Jess is one of Vegas' friends so she's coming anyway) xD Vegas is really excited.

Oh, also David and I have been together for 12 years on Tuesday :D After Vegas' party on Saturday, my parents are coming over to babysit so we can go out, YAY! We're going to a fancy restaurant and then to a pub for drinks. It's gonna be so much fun :) We've agreed to not get each other presents this year, but I can't let the day go by without giving my man a little something. My birthday is the week after our anniversary so I don't want David to spend a load of money on me. I know he'll get me something though xD

In an hour, I have to go pick up the kids from school. Shawn had morning preschool today, it runs from 8am till 11am. After the next school holidays (which start next week), he's going to start going to both morning and afternoon sessions (afternoon session runs from 12pm till 3pm, if the kids go to both they just stay right through - the afternoon kids just join in at 12). That does mean he ends at the same time Rahel & Vegas finish school, but the preschool ladies say they can watch him for a bit until I can come get him, which is cool :) And I'll only be like 10 minutes cos it's not far away.

Even though the holidays are on the same week as Vegas' birthday, we're still having his party on the weekend, I asked all his friends' parents and they said Saturday was a better day, so go figure. I don't care lol. I asked them if they wanted to buy him presents (we always say presents are welcomed but not required of course), to get him books cos he's into reading :)

I don't know what I want for my own birthday, I'm turning 28. Maybe just some DVDs and maybe some alcohol xD Hehehe :D I wasn't going to have a party, but the girls (and Lewis) insisted on throwing me one. My birthday is on Friday this year (Friday the 13th, woo!) so we're having it on my actual birthday (my parents are babysitting again). The girls asked me for an invite list, so here's who I want to come:
David (obviously)
Heidi (my sister)
Ian (my BIL)
Johnny (coworker)
Richard (coworker)
Michael (coworker)
Stewart (coworker)
Peter (my boss)
Steve (Jo's boyfriend)
Mark (Cheryl's husband)
Andrew (Michelle's husband)
Daniel (Kim's boyfriend)
Starla (one of my other friends, lol Kim says you can't have a party without Starla, she's ap a party animal!)

It should be a real fun party :)

What else has been going on? A couple of weeks back I went with Jo and Kim to see Lady Gaga. We sat in the lower bowl and it was AWESOME! She is so talented and amazing, I ♥ her. It's one of my favourite concerts I've seen to date, and I've been to a lot xD

David and I are gearing up for watching a lot of the Olympic Games, it starts next month of course. David is an Olympics nut, we even shelled out for the extra HD channels. We have MySky Plus so David is gonna fill up the hard drive of it recording all the stuff he'll miss xD I won't get to watch much other TV when it's on, cos David will refuse to give up the remote. I told him that I want to watch WWE but otherwise he can watch as much as he wants xD

The weather is clearing up, it's sunny now. I was planning to pick up Rahel & Vegas in the car but I might walk now it's sunny. I wonder what David is planning for dinner, he might decide he wants takeaways instead. He cooks Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I cook Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Saturday we toss up for it xD I made stir-fry last night, it was goooood if I do say so myself xD We might go to the mall for dinner, but it depends. At the moment, Shawn is playing with toys and Nate is napping.

Speaking of toys, I went in to clean up Vegas and Shawn's room the other day (we have four bedrooms - David and I's, Rahel's, Vegas & Shawn's and a spare, Nate shares with us atm), and realised how many toys they have. And they don't even play with half of them. So this weekend we're gonna have a clear out. The boys will get to pick 10 toys each to keep and the rest are going to the Dove shop (it's a charity shop). Rahel doesn't have this problem, the only toys she has are Barbies xD And I had like 100 Barbies as a kid so I can't complain about her having like a million of them. And you know that joke about kids loving to play with the box more then the toy? It's true xD We had a box the other day and Shawn entertained himself playing with it for like two hours xD This is why I don't want Vegas' parents buying him toys for his birthday. I'd rather my kids have lots of books, then lots of toys.

Before we do the toy picking out thing, I'm gonna go rescue the WWE action figures in case Vegas doesn't pick them. Nobody's throwing out John Cena, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and The Undertaker xD Vegas also has a mini WWE Championship belt, so I'll save that too. He puts on his Rey mask and parades around pretending to be him xD It's so funny. Rahel wants a Divas Championship belt replica cos she thinks it's pretty and sparkly (I think it's ugly but she loves it so who am I to complain?), so I might look into getting one for her birthday.

I post on this mother's forum now, and I swear to you, some of the mothers on it are insane. Their entire lives are devoted to their kids, and half of them don't even go out without their kids EVER. They never have date nights with their husbands and they never hang out with their friends. I love my kids to bits, but I do need time away from them. I enjoy nights out with David and I love seeing my girls too! I posted about seeing Lady Gaga on there and a couple of the mothers went batshit on me, screeching on about how dare I leave my kids to have some fun of my own? OMG WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? etc lol. I wasn't aware that now I have children, I'm never allowed to have fun again O_O That wasn't in the sign up sheet I got when I got pregnant with Rahel hehehe :P I didn't tell them I'd actually gone overseas on holiday without my kids before, they'd probably explode xD And who am I to turn down eager grandparents and a enthusiastic aunt and uncle who want to babysit? Seriously. And this one woman was like 'my daughter is my best friend, I don't need other friends!' O_O Her daughter was like 2 years old. I'm sorry but you can't be best friends with a 2 year old. And not needing other friends, YOUR OWN AGE? Why do I post on this forum again?

LOL right after I said it was sunny, it's started raining again, and I have to leave in like 20 minutes. Bah. I don't really want to walk in the rain, but it's a waste of gas to drive that short a distance lol. But David just texted me and said he wants KFC for dinner, so that's sorted xD Meh, I'm gonna walk. I guess I better go haul out the rain cover for Nate's stroller and dig out Shawn's rain jacket from the laundry pile. I don't think Vegas or Rahel took their rain jackets to school, so I'll have to take those with me too for the walk home. I'll stick in the bottom part of Nate's stroller (he has one of those huge strollers, but I promise I'm not annoying with it xD). I told Shawn we were walking to pick up Rahel & Vegas and he looked out the window and told me it was raining xD I said yes it is, but he can wear his rain jacket and his gumboots and now he's all happy :D Haha xD I know Rahel & Vegas will be pleased about KFC for dinner too xD

I'm listening to Cheryl Cole's new album, I bought it off iTunes, it's amazing :D It's been on constant repeat for a couple of days, so much so, the kids have started singing to it xD Even David is getting into it and it's not even his type of music. I bet he'll ask me to put it on his iPod soon :P K, it's 2:40 I should start getting Shawn & Nate ready to go out. Nate is still asleep, I'll just bundle him in a coat and put him in his stroller while he's still sleeping. I'll see you later :)
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YAY [11 Apr 2012|11:25pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I'm back :D It's Wednesday night, and David and I are into our comedy shows. We're watching 2 Broke Girls atm, and The Big Bang Theory is on next.

I'm incredibly hungry, even though we had a HUGE pasta bake and corn on the cob for dinner. I'm not the best cook on earth, but I'm good enough. David is much better then me, but it was my turn to cook tonight so I made the bake. It was goooood, three cheeses.

Today I had work. David had the day off to watch the kids cos it's the school holidays. At the moment, they're running us ragged with hyperness xD Luckily the weather has been pretty good lately, so they've been outside a lot. But today it rained all day, so David was stuck inside with them and they were bored. He called me at work to complain xD I just laughed at him xD

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[07 Apr 2012|04:54pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I updated again! Woohoo haha xD Happy Easter everybody! I have Easter off work, the mall is closed tomorrow and it was closed on Good Friday too. I go back on Tuesday cos I'm not working Monday either.

Today we took the kids to the Easter Show, and Lewis tagged along like he always does. Kids under 12 are now free but they put the adult prices up to 25 bucks, so we'd paid 50 bucks before we'd even gotten inside! Ridiculous. But we always budget money for this cos the kids enjoy it so much. Rahel and Vegas were getting all excited about the rides xD

The kids wanted me to go on the rides with them (David was on Nate pram pushing duty) - I went on the ghost train (Shawn got scared but Rahel and Vegas found it hilarious xD), the carousel, this dragon ride and this long slide with them. Rahel, Vegas and Shawn all went on the long slide, Shawn wanted me to slide down with him, so I went down with him on my lap. It was so funny xD The slide was one coupon each time, so we let them go on it three times each, that was only nine coupons. And I got to slide down too, so it was fun :P Then Lewis and I went on the bumper cars with Rahel and Vegas - I drove and Vegas was my passenger, and Rahel had Lewis as her passenger xD She was a better driver then I was LMAO. Lewis was taking the piss, telling Rahel to drive into me xD

Then we played some carnival games, David is really, really, REALLY lucky at them, he wins something huge pretty much every year. He has a reputation for it, and this year his luck didn't let him down. He won a gigantic stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy in the dart throwing game! We told the kids they had to share it between them, but Rahel insisted on carrying it around to show off to everyone xD We also won smaller prizes of these squirt guns that squirt bubbles instead of water hehe. Then Lewis and David had a go at the shooting gallery and David won a shot glass set, which is really cool. Then we were walking around again, and we went past the dart game and the guy running it yells out "IT'S THAT GUY WHO WON THE MAJOR PRIZE!" and points at David xD David was like 'yup that's me :D' lol I think the guy running it pointed him out to prove you can win the big prizes.

Ooh and also they have a new ride called the Turbo Boost which swings you up HIGH in the air and you hang there for like a minute then go back down in a circle. David and I went on it xD Lewis watched the kids while we did. It was amazing! We could see so much from up the top, we could see where we lived from there, we were trying to spot our house xD The things you're strapped into swing around and we ended up upside down. I was wearing jandals and had to take them off cos they'd go flying xD So much fun, I hope they keep that ride around cos I enjoyed it hehe. David and I are adrenaline junkies and we love stuff like that. When we went to the USA last time, we spent half our time going to theme parks and going on the rides lol. Our kids are becoming that way, especially Rahel and Vegas. Last time we went to Rainbow's End (NZ theme park) we took them on the rollercoaster and they loved it, and Rahel went on the Fear Fall (a tower drop ride) with us. Lewis was saying we should go bungy jumping cos we'd probably like it xD

It got too hot to be outside, so we went inside to look at the animals. They had all sorts of cute farm animals, and a part where the kids go could in and pat them. Lewis and I took Rahel, Vegas and Shawn in while David sat down with Nate. There was a sheep in there that took an instant liking to Rahel and began following her around xD It was hilarious and so cute. Lewis was like to Rahel "you have a friend there!" cos it kept walking behind her xD There was also a thing of baby chicks and the people running it let the kids hold the chicks, so Rahel and Vegas had a hold of them. When Vegas saw the chicks, he says to me "Mum, like in Friends!" lol cos of Joey and Chandler getting a chick xD My favourite were the ducklings, they were sooooo adorable ♥ It ended up being me and Rahel standing there going awwwwwwww at them :D

Now we're back home, and David went to the supermarket to buy stuff for dinner and for tomorrow cos the shops are shut. Rahel is watching Finding Nemo on DVD, Vegas and Shawn are playing and Nate is asleep.

In other news, David and I have decided we want to go to Wrestlemania next year. It's in New York and New Jersey, which means we could probably stay with my FIL while we were there (he lives in NYC), saving money on a hotel. It also means we could take Nate with us and my FIL could look after him while the rest of us did WWE things. Rahel and Vegas want to go, and we're getting Shawn into it slowly - hey the kid's gotta be a fan, he's named after Shawn Michaels :D I told the kids about Axxess and meeting wrestlers and they got excited, Rahel wants to meet John Cena and CM Punk (her two favourites, she thinks John's really cute and Punk's really cool) and Vegas wants to meet Rey Mysterio (he has a Rey mask that I bought for him at last year's live show xD) I want to meet everybody (but I agree with Rahel, especially John & Punk) and so does David. We might get a travel package but take the hotel off it. We'd get tickets to WM, Axxess, the Raw after WM and the Hall Of Fame, but David and I would go to the HOF alone, and leave the kids with my FIL, cos it would bore them. We'd take them to everything else, though. It won't be cheap, but the more people you have for the package the cheaper it gets, we'd have five, cos Nate wouldn't count. And I think next year's WM will coincide with the kids' school holidays cos it's on April 7 :D

Speaking of WWE, we watched Wrestlemania yesterday. We couldn't watch it live cos the kids were at school and I was working (I warned David not to switch over and watch any of it cos he was home looking after Nate), and we couldn't watch the first replay cos it was too late for the kids to stay up (Rahel was damned if she was missing John and Punk's matches, cos they were on towards the end, it would have been like 11:30pm by then), so we waited for an appropriate replay. There was one yesterday at 1pm, so it was perfect. We made an afternoon of it. Rahel was happy Punk retained the title but she was bummed out that John lost to The Rock (she hates him xD). I agree with her :P She and Vegas both hate John Laurinaitis too, Rahel calls him 'John Boringitis' hahah xDDDD

I'm bored, let's do some surveys.

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Another entry? What in the world? [03 Mar 2012|01:55pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So, we just got back from lunch with Sandra (my MIL). She's so annoying sometimes though, she acts like David and I can't take care of our kids properly and we need her help. Thank god I breastfeed Nate otherwise she'd be demanding to feed him too. I love her, but she can be irritating at times. David agrees with me, LMAO xD

This morning I lost my cellphone. I had no idea where it went, despite having it last night. I remember leaving it on the coffee table in the lounge and going to bed after I finished those surveys last night. I had a lie in this morning and David got up with the kids. I asked him to bring my cellphone in to me and he said 'It's not here' and I went huh? I asked him to call my phone, maybe it ringing will tell me where it was. He did, and we could hear it, but it was faint and we had NO idea where it was. I got the kids onto helping us look. It was somewhere in the vicinity of the lounge or kitchen. Eventually Rahel found it for me, it was in one of the kitchen cupboards O_O I have no idea how it got there. David thinks Vegas or Shawn picked it up, played with it and left it there somehow. But I don't know, if they pick stuff up they usually put it back or put it somewhere in view, not in a cupboard. It was so weird. I was talking to Jo earlier and she joked that we have a ghost xD

Our house is like the void of stuff, things always go missing here. It's like they disappear into a black hole. The kids are forever misplacing things, then they turn up in weird places later on. My car's like that too. One time we were in my car, and Vegas took his shoes off in the backseat. Once we got to wherever we were going, I got him out of the car and went to pick up his shoes to put them back on him, but only one of them was there. I asked Vegas where his shoe was and he didn't know. I looked everywhere in case it had fallen under the seat, but it was nowhere to be seen. It was SO ODD. Then like 3 weeks later, I was cleaning my car and I reached under the seat... there was Vegas' shoe! I was SURE there was nothing under there the first 100 times I checked. David said the black hole spat his shoe back out eventually xD

And once I lost a necklace David had bought for me - I lost it when we were living in our old house and had no clue where it went. Then when we moved into our current house, I was unpacking boxes when I came across the necklace! I was utterly confused. I lost it in the old house and unpacked it in the new one. How did it make it into the box?

Anyway, we went to this cafe for lunch. Pricey but the food was delicious. I had a chicken panini thing with loads of vegetables in it, it was so good!

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[03 Mar 2012|12:41am]
[ mood | bored ]

Did hell just freeze over? Am I making another entry on the SAME DAY as the last? Well, just. It's 11:40pm lol, it'll be the next day soon. It's Friday night, so I decided to stay up (David's up too, watching TV), and do some surveys. Yes, I'm lame. What's your point? :P

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Updates + driveway/neighbour problems [02 Mar 2012|05:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hi guys! I know it's already March, but happy 2012! I've been soooooo busy!

It's been the school summer holidays, so I had all four kids at home at once xD But Rahel and Vegas went back to school a couple of weeks ago. I say yay but I did genuinely enjoy having them home all the time, but I'm glad they're getting back into learning. Rahel was especially excited, she loves school. She just started Year 4. Vegas is in Year 1 again cos he only did half a year of it last year - it's cos he was born in July, if you're born after July you have to repeat Year 1 again. All my kids except Shawn will have to do it, cos he was born in May. Rahel did it (born in August), and Nate will too cos he's August too. Vegas said he didn't wanna go to school, but he was fine when we got there and he spotted his friends xD Shawn started preschool last week O_O So soon I'll go from 4 kids at home, to just one, my cutey little baby Nate! He's 5 months old now. David swears he's already trying to talk and that he said Dada but I think he's lying and wants Nate's first word to be that :P

I just got home from picking the kids up from school, we live right down the road from school so it took less than 10 minutes. Rahel is old enough to walk home by herself, but Vegas isn't, so I just pick them up together. But I let Rahel walk ahead of me with one of her friends who lives on this street too, while I walk with Vegas and Shawn with Nate in the pram. Since it's Friday and incredibly warm (it doesn't look it though but I was sweating by the time we got home), I took the kids to get an iceblock before we came home. Shawn is running around with his dripping it everywhere, Rahel just told him off xD I just told Shawn and Vegas to go out on the deck and eat them, it doesn't matter if they drip it then. I can see them from where I am. Rahel's watching cartoons while she eats her. She just told me she's gonna get her homework done after this so it's done before the weekend starts properly (smart kid lol). David's at work, he finishes at 5.

Cos of the summer holidays, I swapped shifts at work again (yeah again, I'm always changing them). I work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday now - David works Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. We both have Saturday off. But David's Sunday shift and my Thursday are only half days. I worked Friday before, but I switched for Wednesday. Now my weekend starts early! I don't mind working Monday, it gets it out of the way and means I only have 2 days left in the week xD

Today I took Nate and Shawn out to the mall and met up with Cheryl and Jo (Michelle and Kim were working). Jo doesn't work Fridays either. Cheryl's daughter Jess is at school now (she's 6, a year older then Vegas), and she works part time, but not today. We had lunch and had a laugh. Shawn was all antsy and energetic, so I took him to the daycare centre where they have a playground. He would have more fun there then sitting around with us. Nate slept most of the time, but the girls had their fun holding them. He's soooo smiley, it's so cute ♥ The girls came back to our place and we hung out. They left when I went to pick up Rahel & Vegas from school.

I swear to you, school stationery gets more expensive every year. We spent over $150 on stationery for Rahel & Vegas. I didn't even think little kids needed so much stuff for school! Rahel needs more cos she's 9, but I didn't think a 5 year old needed so many things xD And school fees, BLEH. The school they go is a really upmarket decile 9 school, so they don't even need fees really. They don't need the money. It's also a fancy uniform wearing school, which is stupid cos kids grow fast, Vegas already needed new shirts cos he's grown since last year. But he looks so cute in his little uniform xD They only go cos it's the closest and right down the road. I had to laugh when they sent us the school donation fee letter and David opened it and went "ohhhhhhhh no, fees!" cos we have to pay for two kids now xD I nudged him and said it would be three eventually cos Rahel will still be there when Shawn starts in 2 years xD He wonders why it doesn't annoy me, but there's nothing you can do!

But god, it's hot. I have the French doors wide open (the boys have finished their iceblocks and are running around like loons now) and a breeze is coming in but it's still humid as hell.

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Yo! [10 Nov 2011|08:39pm]
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Wow, an update within a month! *dies* I know, I know, it's amazing.

Things are all hunky dory around these parts. My maternity leave came to an end this week and I'm back at work! Nate is 10 weeks old and David and I are taking turns in staying home to watch him now. We both work 3 days a week cos David's picked up Sunday at the travel agency. I work Monday, Thursday and Friday and David works Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. We both have Saturday off.

Even though I adore being home with Nate 24/7, some part of me is SO glad to be back at work cos I was going stir crazy! I'm back rostered on with Jo, and things are settling back into normalcy. Jo was telling me today that she's amazed at how fast my body has gone back into shape, I've lost all my baby weight already nearly. Luckily I'm small to begin with, eh? xD

At work, they put up the Christmas decorations this week. I KNOW. It's only November and they're all up. On Monday we stayed after closing to help put them up, everybody came in to help. It was actually quite fun xD People complain about them being up so early though. I just think to myself 'at least you don't have to look at them ALL DAY at work' lol.

I'm gonna enjoy November while it lasts though, cos when December comes they're opening the gift wrapping station again and you know what that means! It's my fourth Christmas on gift wrapping, it never gets any more fun lol. I'm steeling myself up for customers_suck posting already xD

Today I had work and it was quiet. Thursday is always quiet, I have no idea why! Also one of the reasons I wanted to work Thursdays xD David had the day off and was watching Nate, and he brought him in to see me at lunch. Rahel and Vegas were at school and Shawn was at kindy. Oh yeah, I never told you that Shawn started kindy, did I? He started in October, cos he's 3 now. Tonight, David also cooked dinner, we had pasta bake, it was sooooooo good but I ate way too much. David is washing the dishes right now, and Lewis is over. He's watching The X Factor with Rahel. For some reason Ray is into it xD, I watched it but then I got bored. Ray loves Simon Cowell, she thinks he's funny xD The boys are playing in Vegas' room and Nate is asleep.

Tomorrow is Friday, I have work again. I'm rostered with Jo again, so that will be fun. Then on Saturday we're going to a wedding. It's for a colleague of David's. My parents are watching the kids. This wedding has to be better then the last one we went to (Bree's lol, check back in my LJ for the report about that) - for one it's in NZ lol and the people getting married are nice people xD

Heh that reminds me, Peter (my boss) told us about the work Christmas party, it's in the first week of December - we're going to a restaurant and then going ten pin bowling, which should be awesome fun. I told Rahel and she wants to come cos she loves ten pin bowling xD I'm gonna ask Peter next time I see him if we can squeeze Ray into the party and we can bring her with us. I'm sure he'll say yes, cos there's only gonna be about 10 people - since only six of us actually work for mall customer service - me, Jo, Richard, Johnny, Peter and our fill in guy Stewart, and only four of us will bring significant others (I'll bring David obv, Peter will bring his wife, Jo is bringing her boyfriend and Johnny will bring his fiancée, Richard and Stewart are single atm), so we can easily fit in Ray.

God I talk about work too much xD

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:D [12 Oct 2011|05:40pm]
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God, I haven't updated for ages!

I now have three sons :D

Yup, I had another boy!! His name is Nathaniel Paul, or Nate for short. Nathaniel was David's pick, and his middle name is my Dad's name.

He was born on August 28th, a couple of days late (as usual, all my kids were late), at 5:30 in the morning. He weighed 6 pounds exactly! :D

Nate looks exactly like Shawn did as a baby, he could be his baby twin! It's so adorable. It's like looking at Shawn as a baby all over again. He was born completely bald like Vegas though. Surprisingly, the birth was rather easy and very short if you compare to Rahel, Vegas and Shawn. I was in labour for 6 hours, compared to double figures with the other three (Rahel being the longest at 15 hours). In fact, I'd say Nate was the easiest of my kids to give birth to! The pregnancy was also the easiest so far (Shawn's was the hardest).

The only time I was uncomfortable was when I was late. He was due on the 26th, so I was two days late, which isn't so bad. I was over a week late with Rahel!

Rahel says to me that we're hopelessly outnumbered in the family now, four males to two females! But she adores her new little brother, and is very hands on. She's constantly wanting to help me, it's so cute.

Things have been INSANE around here. Not only am I contending with a 6 week old baby, the kids are also on school holidays, so they're all around! But I'm cool, having no problems with coping :P Rahel is 9 now, so she's hardly a handful and can amuse herself. Vegas has always been a independent kid, so he isn't a problem either. Shawn is 3, so he always wants my attention. Always going "Mummy! Mummy! MUMMY! LOOK AT ME!" as he does something xD I was a bit evil and directed his look at me look at me LOOK AT ME shouting either off to David if he's home or to Rahel. Bad of me, but Rahel thinks he's funny so it's ok xD

Nate is such a content baby, he hardly ever cries. Most of the time he just looks at you with these huge eyes. His eyes are gigantic. David keeps joking he better grow into them or they'll take over his face xD But he's sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute ♥

The period of time between May and September is crazy, jam packed with birthdays, cos every single of us celebrates our birthday in that time frame. Shawn is first in May and David is last on September 15. Vegas and I are both in July and Nate and Ray are both in August. David and I also celebrate the anniversary of when we started dating on July 3, the day before Vegas' birthday!

Speaking of anniversaries, it was our wedding anniversary on October 3, last Monday. Eight years of marriage! We've also been together for over a decade now, 11 years bitches! :D

The other week it was the Parent & Child expo, and I took Vegas and Shawn with me (Ray and Nate stayed home with David), we went along with Cheryl and Jess (her daughter). It's a show specifically for parents and pregnant women with stalls selling items for kids and babies and all fun stuff like that. It was really awesome, cos they had a stall that took photos of kids, and I got a photo done of Shawn and Nate, and they put us in the draw for a competition. Guess what? We won something! It was a session of photos with a professional photographer for a family portrait! Which is perfect cos we have a family portrait on the lounge wall and we need to get it done again to include Nate. Now we don't have to pay for it! YAY! :D We're getting them done this weekend. David said to me that we need to stop having kids cos it's getting too expensive to keep getting the portrait done again xD

Armageddon expo is in a couple of weeks, and since David and I are massive nerds, we're planning on going. We've already organised a babysitter to watch Vegas and Shawn. We're definitely taking Nate and Ray wants to come, so it's just for the boys. Why yes, we're weirdos that want to take our 2 month old baby to a nerdy but cool expo :P Our kids will grow up to be like us, Ray is already on her way xD She's started watching anime lol.

Man, sometimes I can't believe I'm a mum of FOUR! It's crazy, cos I'm only 27! I look younger too, so the reactions I get from people when they find out is so hilarious :D Especially when this guy thought I was 21!

I went into work yesterday cos a nasty bug is circulating around. I haven't caught it cos I'm on maternity leave, but EVERYBODY including Peter (my boss) caught it and there was nobody available to work at all. Peter had to call our fill in guy (who hadn't worked since before the bug started going around, so he was ok) and then me. He was so apologetic, saying he knew I was on maternity leave, but he was desperate. Peter's been the most kickass boss ever, so I couldn't say no. Luckily, David didn't work yesterday (he's cut back to 4 days a week and this week Monday just happened to be his day off!), so I said yes and went in. Some dude raged at me cos I don't like rugby. It was actually hilarious xD I called Peter this morning to ask what he was doing, and he said he had to get the fill in guy and steal somebody from one of the other malls to work, cos everybody is STILL sick. I said I would offer to come in again, but it's the school holidays and I had all four of my kiddos with me. Peter said he wasn't going to ask me as he knew I was unavailable. After that, Jo called me and I could even over the phone tell that she was sick as, she SOUNDED like death warmed up. I have no idea wtf this bug is, but it's nasty. I don't want to catch it, not with a newborn to look after!

It was a bit bad cos Peter is ill too, so he wasn't around if we ran into any problems. I'd never been so worried on a shift before, usually I know I have Peter as backup if anybody gets bitchy, but not yesterday. I was so glad that rugby loving guy wasn't too much of a hassle!

So yeah, things are insania around here. I don't even know what sleep is anymore :) Hahah. Luckily I've never been much of a sleep in late kind of person! I have 4 kiddos under the age of 10, it's a bit bonkers :D But I enjoy it. So does David, even though we hardly have any time for each other lately. The only day lately was our anniversary last week. THAT was fun! :D

I need to update my profile, all those glittery graphics are out of date!

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[16 Jun 2011|07:27pm]
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Holy crap on a cracker. Look, I remembered Livejournal exists! YAY ME. And I only remembered cos I wanted to post in customers_suck! I posted about annoying customers who think pregnant lady = public property!

Speaking of my pregnancy, 29 weeks BABY! I've been pregnant for this entire year hahah. That's what you get if you get pregnant in December :D

I last wrote in... January. Wow, time does fly, doesn't it?! I'm still working a full time schedule at work, but I'm cutting back one day next month. I work five days a week (Mon - Fri), but I'm either cutting Monday or Friday. Three day weekend! :D I'd rather get rid of Monday, but Friday will do as well.

Speaking of work, I worked 8am till 2pm today. It was fun, cos I worked with Jo. It was really quiet today (Thursdays always seem to be...), so we spent practically the entire time chatting. We were discussing baby names.

That reminds me, David and I have picked our names for the baby (we haven't found out what we're having).

Girl - Imara
Boy - Nathaniel

So it'll either be Rahel, Vegas, Shawn and Imara or Rahel, Vegas, Shawn and Nathaniel. David pointed out to me that if we have a boy and his name is Nathaniel (or Nate for short), we'll have two odd names and two normal names xD Shawn will be the odd one out if we have a girl. Knowing our hit rate, I'll have a boy and I'll never get to use my girl name, I've had it as a choice since I was pregnant with Vegas.

Heh, the other day I asked Rahel what she thought about possibly having three younger brothers. She crossed her arms and said "Mum, I think we need another girl. The boys are outdoing us!" hahah. Cos if I have a boy, there'll be four males and two females in the family, but if I have a girl, it'll be equal!

It's June, and that means we're coming up to the time of year for birthdays! All of us have birthdays from May - September. Shawn turned 3 last month, Vegas turns 5 next month (o_O he's going to school at the start of term three!), I turn 27 next month also, Rahel is 9 in August and David is 34 in September. And of course, our fourth child is due in August, but not till the end. They'll be closer to David's birthday then Rahel's.

Oh, something I didn't tell you about the last couple of times I wrote! I got a new tattoo, it's on my left wrist. It's my kids' first and middle initials and I left room for the baby to come. So I have RM, VL and SD on there. David has the same tattoo on his right wrist :D I'm also considering getting my and David's initials on my other wrist - it would look cool cos David and I have the same middle initial, we're MJ and DJ!

It's 5pm, David will be home from work in a bit. Rahel is currently doing her homework in her room, and Vegas and Shawn are playing with toys together.

Since I haven't done any for forever, here's some surveys!

The lament of the LJ slackerCollapse )

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Big news! [06 Jan 2011|05:57pm]
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Hey everybody ^_^

I haven't updated for months and months, since Bree's wedding! Things have been INSANE around here.

The biggest news?

I'm pregnant again.

Yup, as of today I'm six weeks pregnant, and my estimated due date is August 26th. The doctor tells me the baby was conceived in early December xD

This is my fourth child. I wonder what I'll have, cos I already have two boys and one girl. I'd like a girl to make it equal, but knowing our family, I'll have another boy. The last five pregnancies in our family have been boys... maybe it's finally time for another girl. Rahel was the last girl born, and that was in 2002!

David has pointed out to me that this has fallen into place nicely as Vegas is 4 and Shawn is 2, so there's 2 years between our second, third and fourth kids. We've also agreed this is our last one xD

I'm only 6 weeks, but already we're thinking of names. We already have our girl name, Imara. It was our pick for a girl for both Vegas and Shawn. Am I ever gonna get to use it? xD David wants to name a boy after him, but I said I didn't want a Jr or a II in our family. I love the names Jonathan, Drew and Nathaniel.

I'm already planning the pregnancy. I'm gonna work right up till my due date like my last two pregnancies.

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Long time no see! (and long story about Bree's wedding!) [24 Jun 2010|02:31pm]
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Man this is my first post this entire YEAR o_O My bad! Life got crazy and I forgot about my LJ xD But now I'm back! Yay!

Work is manic as usual - I picked up an extra day due to the fact Shawn is in daycare permanently now, I work Monday to Friday now, before I only worked Monday - Wednesday and Friday.

Shawn turned 2 just over a month ago! YAY! Vegas turns 4 in 9 days, he's having a big party with all his friends from kindy cos his b'day is on a Sunday.

My birthday is less than 3 weeks away, god I'm so old, I'm turning 26! David keeps teasing me about it, but I just remind him that this year he's turning 33 and I call him an old fart (jokingly of course xD) hehehehe!!

Rahel is turning 8 in August and already she's wanting to organise her party, despite her brother and Mum's birthdays are before hers LOL.

Remember my last post when I talked about Bree's wedding? Well it happened the weekend just past (the 19th) and Jo and I went. Now I know why we basically cut contact with her, she's a cow. She turned into a complete bridezilla and it started pretty much RIGHT after I posted last, back in December last year. Let me tell you the story...

After we were invited to be bridesmaids, Jo and I talked it over and decided we'd do it, as Bree seemed desperate and it turned out that she didn't have many friends cos she and her fiance Rob had just moved to Sydney from Melbourne. We felt kinda sorry for her, so we agreed to do it.

In January, she told us we'd be paying for our own dresses, our own flights, our own accomodation and "of course" presents for her bridal shower AND wedding. Neither Jo and I or were very pleased about this. Jo went back to university at the beginning of 2010 (she's studying law and I'm so proud of her for going back! <3) and is strapped for cash. And I have 3 kids - yeah both David and I have good jobs but we don't make enough for all that PLUS our own normal living.

Then I got an email from Bree's sister (who was very nice), who is the Maid Of Honour, asking us why we were getting a hotel room and not staying at Bree's place. I told her that we hadn't been asked and had been told we'd need to pay for our own accomodation. Bree's sister got mad and said she'd talk to Bree about it, saying it wasn't fair we would have to shell out for an expensive room when we could stay at Bree's for free.

The official invitations arrived in March, and I noticed something funny about it. The invitation was only addressed to me, and didn't mention that I could bring David. Jo had a similar situation, her invitation was only to her and didn't say she could bring her boyfriend Steve. So I emailed Bree's sister and asked if people could bring guests. She was surprised and said absolutely and that everybody was bringing their SO's. I told her that my and Jo's invitations were only addressed to us, and didn't even mention we could bring somebody! After that, Bree called me and said she figured we didn't want to bring somebody as we were the only ones coming from New Zealand. Then she said I could bring David "if I wanted to." I told David this, and David said he'd go if I wanted him to, otherwise he'd stay home with the kids. I was determined David was coming and told him we'd get my parents to babysit for a couple of days.

We (David, Jo, Steve and I) managed to score some VERY cheap tickets to Sydney with a budget airline for less then $50 each - the plane tickets ended up being the cheapest bit of this whole debacle, amazingly.

Bree told me and Jo we'd still have to stay in a hotel, as now we were bringing David & Steve there wouldn't be enough room in her house for us. Then she suggested that we ditch the boys and stay at her house anyway. I couldn't believe she was suggesting we ditch our husband/boyfriend for her. I declined and said I'd stay at the hotel but come over to her place when needed.

Then it came to the bridesmaid's dresses. Bree told us she'd picked out the dresses but they were only available in Sydney. She wanted us to send CASH to her to Sydney to pay for them. I'm sorry, but there was no way I was doing that - there was NO way we'd be able to be sure she'd spent the money on the dresses. We came to a agreement, Bree sent us pictures of the dresses and we'd try to find a similar version in NZ. I almost fell over when I saw them, they were HIDEOUS. They had LOADS of fabric but still managed to be mini skirt length, and they were BARBIE PINK. I knew Jo and I both would look terrible in them so I'm SUPER glad we got to find our own versions - I'm short and petite and Jo is tall and not girly. We managed to find similar dresses here that actually flattered us, but when we emailed pics of them to Bree she threw a fit and said they looked nothing like what she wanted. Jo and I put our foot down, either this or nothing. Bree finally agreed (with a little nudging from her sister and mother) and we bought the dresses, they weren't cheap but at least we looked good in them.

I thought everything had settled down by about April, but then Bree emailed me asking what Jo and I were planning for her bridal shower. HUH? The MOH is supposed to organise that, and we're in NZ, what did she want us to do? We can't plan a shower when we're in another country! Two days after that, Bree's sister emailed and apologised for Bree's rudeness saying she was organising the shower and to ignore what Bree had said. Bree had apparently tried to wangle two showers, she knew her sister was planning one but she tried to get us to do one. Thankfully we're not dumb and her sister was onto her. We were invited to the shower but of course couldn't make it due to the fact we were in NZ, and anyway, neither of us could get off work.

In early June, Bree emailed to say she was having a bachelorette party and wanted us to come. I was ready to say that the four of us would be coming over on the Friday before the wedding, but Bree said the party was the day before the wedding on the Friday. She wouldn't take no for an answer and said we were coming whether we liked it or not. Unfortunately, our flight was scheduled for the early evening (after a day of work) and we would get into Sydney around 8pm. When I told Bree this she freaked out and said we were trying to ruin her party. How could we ruin something we knew nothing about until right that second? She begged us to come over earlier this day to make it, but neither Jo or I could get out of work and our plane tickets were unrefundable. In the end I told Bree we'd TRY to get to the party when we flew in.

Then Bree said both of us would have to bring her a present cos we missed her bridal shower. Uh, excuse me? We didn't attend the shower! Why would we give a present for a shower we didn't even go to? I told her I'd see what I could do. Jo and I ended up buying her a cheap present from both of us.

The weekend of the wedding FINALLY arrived (lol long so far and the wedding hasn't even happened yet! xD). David and I left our kids with my parents for the weekend (we'd be home on Sunday afternoon), and flew over to Sydney with Jo and Steve. We arrived at close to 9pm instead of 8 cos our plane was delayed. We checked into the hotel (which we'd chosen ourselves, the ones Bree had suggested had been overly expensive), it was lovely and not too over the top. Jo and I debated over trying to make the bachelorette party. I called Bree and when she answered the phone and heard my voice, she started yelling at me! She asked why we hadn't turned up to her party considering our plane came in "over an hour ago!!!". I told her we'd been delayed but would like to still come. Bree snottily told us where it was. Jo and I left David and Steve in the hotel (they probably had more fun then we did xD) and headed off to the party.

Bree had bragged to us that the party would be wild with loads of people there (I doubted it considering she'd asked us to be bridesmaids cos she knew hardly anyone in Sydney). But when we arrived, there was about 6 people there including Bree. They were all just sitting around talking, nothing was even happening. At the party was me, Jo, Bree, Bree's sister, Bree's mother, one of Bree's cousins and 3 of Bree's new coworkers. An hour after we'd arrived, the party ended and we headed back to the hotel.

Fastforward to the next day, the wedding day! Bree called us at 6am saying we needed to come with her to get ready. I was ready for this, so this wasn't unexpected. We told David and Steve to be at the venue at 1pm and headed out.

Bree, Bree's sister, Bree's mother, Jo and I got ready. That went by pretty uneventful, except when Bree freaked out about my long hair. She wanted us to leave our hair out, but when she saw how long my hair really was (I had it back in a ponytail at her party) she almost cried and said she didn't want my hair to look prettier then hers. She freaked out even more when her sister and Mum said how great my hair was. In the end, we all got up-do's, but Bree STILL thought my hair looked better then hers. Her Mum told her to shut up finally (go Bree's Mum!) and Bree got over herself. We got the dresses on, but Bree was still complaining that they looked nothing like what she wanted. Offside, both her sister and Mum said they were glad these dresses were picked as Bree's choices were hideous.

The wedding itself was beautiful. There was about 20 people there, as a lot of her family couldn't make it. But it was a lovely ceremony and Bree looked very happy. I said to David later that I was glad I came after all this, and David agreed and said he was happy he came as well.

But then reception came along, it was held in a hall that was way too big for only 20 people. Bree had told us that there would be lots of food and a DJ, but in reality there was only nibbles and a stereo. Sometime between the actual ceremony and the reception, Bree had got into a funk and refused to talk to anybody. Jo, David, Steve and I ended up sitting together and chatting, because Bree was acting like a brat. The reception was actually very boring and Bree almost refused to dance with Rob, but her mother told her to stop being bratty and get up there (I seriously love her mum xD) Then Bree had the audacity to get mad when David and I got up to dance together, because the song we had our first dance to at our wedding (Savage Garden's "Truly Madly Deeply") came on and we JUST had to dance to it.

Bree then told us that she was going to have a lunch the next day where she'd open her wedding gifts (David and I had bought her a china set from her registry, verrrry pricy). But we had plane tickets back to NZ for 2pm the next day. We told her we couldn't come, and she got angry at us and said we were ruining her day. There was nothing we could do about it, as David and I had to get back to our kids. We told her this, and she practically screamed "I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT YOUR KIDS! THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND THEM!". By then, I'd had enough of her, and replied "This may be your wedding, but the world doesn't revolve around you either. Our kids are more important to us then seeing you open your wedding gifts" and I walked out. David, Jo and Steve followed us. Back at the hotel, I felt terrible for causing a scene in front of Bree's family (not Bree), and I called Bree's sister to apologise. To my surprise, she said it was fine and it was about time somebody told Bree what they thought. After we'd left, she'd expected her family to back her up and say how horrible I was, but they told her they pretty much agreed with me!

The rest of the trip went pretty good though, we enjoyed a nice breakfast in Sydney before getting our flight back to NZ. Bree's mother called me and told me in no uncertain terms not to feel bad about what I'd said to Bree, as she deserved it. She said Jo and I were lucky to have been in another country during the planning of the wedding and that Bree had been acting like a brat and a witch for over six months!

And the most hilarious thing? This morning, the copies of the photos we'd ordered of the wedding arrived along with a nasty note from Bree that said "I knew your dresses would look horrible on you". The kicker? I checked my email and had an email from Bree's sister which said "Ignore Bree's note in your photos, she's just bitter that all our family think you and Jo's dresses looked beautiful and MUCH better then the ones she picked out!". The photos from the wedding are gorgeous, Jo looks gorgeous and Jo told me I look gorgeous too. We're only keeping the photos without Bree in them, and we're getting a couple of the photos framed - my favourites are the one of me and Jo in our dresses, one of me, Jo, David and Steve, one of me and Jo with Bree's sister and Mum and a gorgeous one of me and David, which we're making copies of to send to our family.

I feel sorry for Rob, he's a truly nice guy that just happens to have terrible taste in women. Jo and I have agreed we'll keep in touch with Bree's sister and Mum, and we'll talk to Rob when we can, but we're not talking to Bree again. She was horrible to us most of the wedding and doesn't deserve our friendship. However, we did make some friends, got two gorgeous dresses out of it (which aren't too over the top and will definitely be worn again) and some fantastic photos.

There's the long story of the craziest wedding I've ever been to. Outside of Bree, the whole weekend was actually pretty fun xD

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So long! [14 Dec 2009|11:56am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

12 weeks without an update, geez.

I've been sooooooo busy with work! As it's Christmas, I do gift wrapping, so fun (not).

But there's something weird going on that I wanna write about.

So the other day, I got a call from Bree. She told me she was getting married, and wants me to be a bridesmaid. Now I thought this was strange, considering I haven't spoken to her in a YEAR.

To bring everyone up to speed, Bree was a friend of mine and Jo's in high school. In fact, Jo and Bree were the only people I kept in constant contact with after school ended.

In 2006, however she told me she was moving to Australia with her boyfriend (now fiance). Jo and I were sad to see her go, and promised to keep in touch.

Jo and I spent lots of time calling and emailing Bree in Australia, but she either never got back to us or called us back a week late. In the end, we just gave up contacting her as she obviously couldn't be bothered to keep in contact. Since 2006, I've only heard from her three times - she called me twice to congratulate me on having Vegas and Shawn (nice of her but when she called about Shawn she sounded like she didn't want to even talk to me), and this time when she called me.

To be honest, I was quite surprised she'd ask me to be a bridesmaid, considering we haven't exactly been close for a number of years. I congratulated her on her engagement and impending wedding, and told her I'd get back to her on the bridesmaid issue.

Five minutes after I hung up the phone, Jo rung and asked me if Bree had called me. Bree had called Jo and asked her to be a bridesmaid too! Jo and I were very confused, didn't she have friends in Australia to ask or family members or something? Jo then mentioned something that Bree neglected to tell me - the wedding's in Australia next June. She wants to us to fly over on our own dollar for her wedding. She wants two girls she's spoken to a handful of times in four years to spend their own money to fly over for her wedding and be bridesmaids? I don't get it.

I certaintly didn't ask anybody random like that to be in my wedding. For my own wedding in 2003, Jo was my Maid Of Honor, and Michelle, Kim and Heidi were bridesmaids. I asked Heidi to be MOH, but she said Jo should do it (and I didn't know Cheryl at that time). Lewis acted as Best Man and David's brother Joseph was a groomsman. That was pretty much it - siblings and close friends, no randoms.

And the funny thing? I invited Bree to the wedding and she didn't even come! And now she expects me to fly to Australia for hers when she didn't turn up to mine?!

Jo and I are still considering if we should go or not. Jo said at least she gave us six months notice, and didn't just ring up a week beforehand asking us or something xD Then I pointed out that she probably expects us to buy our own bridesmaids dresses as well as plane tickets.

I told Kim about it on MSN last night (she knows Bree, but just as friend of Jo and I), and she thought it was ridiculous to ask people you hardly talk to. Neither Jo or I have actually seen her since 2006. She asked us to come for a girly weekend last year (over email), but I couldn't go because the date was a week out from my due date for Shawn. I told her no, and she got mad at me! I was like 'uh I'm having a baby next week, they won't let me fly' and she still had the gall to get angry. I was like x_x That's probably why she sounded so frosty when she called me to congratulate me on Shawn's birth.

I think I might only go if Jo goes. But we don't want to both leave Peter (our boss) in the lurch at work by both taking time off at the same time. We're only a small group of people, if two of us wanted time off at the same time, we'd screw him royally. Especially since we'd need at least a couple of days due to the fact we have to fly over and back, go to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Peter wouldn't say no, but we don't want to do that to him, he's too good of a boss.

So, to go or not to go? I asked David what he thought, and he asked me if I still care about Bree. I said I kind of did, and he said if I did, I should go. I told him that she didn't come to our wedding (her excuse? She had to see her parents that day... I'm sure they wouldn't have minded her going to a friend's wedding!), and I wasn't sure whether I wanted to pay all that money.

Jo said that if she does go, she's only going to the rehearsal and the wedding itself, no bridal showers or anything. Neither of us can afford to fly over for everything. Thankfully Bree didn't ask either of us to be MOH (her sister is MOH), only bridesmaids.

Apart from that, things are normal except work is (as usual) a complete MADHOUSE. I'm on the gift wrapping station until the end of this week, joy. Thankfully the mall is only open till midnight two days this year (22nd and 23rd), and I'm only working till midnight the 22nd.

And guess what? Christmas this year is at our place. Even more joy. Thankfully I don't have to cook everything, my grandma loves cooking at Christmas and offered to do it instead. I'll help her obviously, but thank god.

And next week, just before Christmas, David's Dad and brother are arriving from New York! YAY! They're staying for Christmas and New Year's, cos we stayed with them for New Year's last year. We invited Joseph's wife and their kids, but they're going to her parents' place, so he's coming on his own. Harold is sleeping in our spare room and Joseph on the couch (he doesn't mind). Leslie (David's Mum) is NOT happy about this, she keeps complaining that while Harold is here, she won't be able to come over and see the kids. David told her to shut up xD A lot of the time Harold and Joseph will be out enjoying their trip and sightseeing, so she can come over then. And David told her to suck it up as they're gonna be in the same place on Christmas Day.

But man it's already the 14th of December, time is FLYING. Thankfully I've done 75% of my shopping. I'm buying gifts for:


I'm also getting small gifts for my aunts, uncles, cousins and my cousin's kids.

I've bought all my presents for my friends and my family. I just have my kids and David left to buy for now, they're the easiest.

I wonder what I'm getting cos I have no idea! I do know I'm going to see Lady GaGa and going to the Big Day Out next year, that should be fun. I got a ticket to the first GaGa show on the 13th of March, general admission. I'm going with Jo and Kim. A whole big group of us are going to the BDO - me, Jo, Cheryl, Kim, Michelle, David, Lewis, Johnny, Richard, Michael, Heidi and Ian. I also remember Cheryl saying something to me about wanting me to go see Kelly Clarkson with her. Not a huge fan of Kelly, but I love concerts so I'll probably go xD

Anyway I better go, I have the afternoon shift at work today, from 1pm till close. Yay. Seeya later!

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Yo [16 Sep 2009|10:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey sorry I haven't updated for... 11 weeks. My bad o_O

I've been posting to customers_suck though. You can catch me over there quite a bit cos my customers are terrible. I get the occasional nice person but... customer service desks attract the biggest weirdos.

Some asshole told me "to go back to my own country" today. WUT? I've lived in NZ since I was 12! What's more weird, he was foreign too, he was Indian, with a strong accent. Anyway, I'm in the process of posting about it to C_S.

Yay: http://community.livejournal.com/customers_suck/28003062.html

Seriously, some of my customers have less tact then Vegas does, and he's a three year old! People need to learn manners before they should be allowed in a mall.

Anyway, what's been up since I last posted?

Birthdays galore! Mine, Rahel's and David's.

I'm now halfway to 50. Whoop-de-do. But I had a party and it was awesome. The girls and David threw me a themed party, the theme was pirates and ninjas xD I dressed up like a pirate. I got lots of great presents, and we drunk loads.

Rahel is 7 now... time does fly. She had her party at McDonald's with 10 of her friends. I made David help out this time, there was no way he was getting away with not helping out (the last two parties Rahel had he managed to get it out of it - last year he took Shawn and Vegas out and the year before he took Vegas to see family xD). The McD's people were awesome, they even provided a cake.

David turned 32 yesterday. His party is this weekend. He said he didn't want one, but Lewis and I said 'too bad' xD.

The kids are fine. Rahel is little miss star at school, her teacher couldn't stop talking about how great she was at the last parent teacher evening. I'm so proud :D

Shawn is the hardest of my kids, but it's understandable, he's 1 and FULL OF ENERGY. He can walk now and runs around like an Energizer Bunny. I sometimes wish I could take his batteries out xD It's even worse when Vegas gets involved and I have two little boys running around the house. Ahhhhhhh too much boy energy!!

But it's hilarious cos Rahel got introduced to this gaming website at school by one of her friends - you can play lots of fun kiddy friendly games on it, and now she's always trying to kick me off the PC so she can go on it. David jokes that we've just made a PC obsessed kid, and she's gonna end up like me when she's a teenager (I spent lots of time on my PC when I was a teen, but not so much now that I'm a Mum, too busy).

I can only find time to get online in the evenings, after the kids have gone to bed. I always find time to come on and rant about sucky customers though xD I get a shitload. Jo and the guys joke that I attract them cos they had hardly any weird people before I started working here. Then I get a job there and BAM... crazy people appear from all directions.

Let me recap... in the time I've been working at the desk (three years in November), I've had this crap happen to me:

- Lady tries to claim my son as her own and freaks the hell out of me
- Guy stalks me and then grabs me as I'm calling the police to get rid of him
- Lady leaves her baby in the car, and doesn't care that she's commiting child abuse (I have a court date for this in October, how fun...)
- ^^^ Guy from above tells me to go back to my own country
- About five people yanking on my long hair
- Lady bitches me out cos I got told Mum fell down the stairs and cried at work
- Lady tries to convince me that a shop exists in our mall when it doesn't and then forces me to come with her to show me the non-existent shop (weirdo...)
- More people then I can count yelling at me for little things that don't matter
- People being creepy when I was pregnant with Shawn, trying to touch my bump and asking personal questions

.... Yeah. You'd think that would convince me to quit my job and find a better one.

But dammit, I love my job! I love my coworkers (Jo works there, she's my best friend!) and Peter (my boss). I love the nice customers we get (like the guy that intercepted the guy who tried to grab me, <3 him) and it's a fun job without the crazies. Why should I quit a job just because of assholes? This is the best job I've ever had!

Job chronology (cos I'm bored and can):

Supermarket cashier (from age 16 till 17, this is where I met David)
Cashier at huge CD/DVD/computer store (age 17, I worked there for 3 months)
Counter worker at music store (age 18, I worked there while pregnant with Rahel and left when I was six months pregnant, I worked there about 3 months)
Stay at home Mum (age 18 - 22, I was mostly SAHM for this period of time)
Sky phone operator (age 20, I worked at Sky for two months)
Customer service wench (from November 2006 till now)

I've had some pretty fun jobs in my time, but 3 of them I only worked there three months or less. The supermarket was cool cos I met David there, and Kim too, she was a fellow cashier chick. The CD/DVD place was supposed to be a couple of weeks Christmas thing to help in the rush, but I stayed till February, then quit cos I wanted to go to university. I got the job at the music store while I was pregnant cos I was so bored at home xD I was a SAHM Mum for about three and a half years, minus the two months I worked at Sky. The Sky job was hilarious, I had so many weird people calling me cos I worked nights. And then in 2006 after I had Vegas, I got my customer service job - Jo recommended me to Peter and he hired me. I've been there ever since ^_^ I loooooooooove my boss and coworkers. Me, Peter, Jo, Johnny, Richard and Michael are a close-knit group. I love that my boss is my friend as well as being in charge. It's awesome.

Ok it's almost midnight, I'm gonna go now xD

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OMG [25 Jun 2009|05:49pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I haven't updated since November 2008!!

I guess I just... forgot about LJ? I think I posted on customers_suck about a month ago, but that was it.

But now I'm back!

Things are pretty much the same as in November except:

- Shawn is one year old now (on May 16th)
- Vegas turns three on July 4th
- Rahel turns seven on August 3rd (geez she's already almost 7! Time flies)

I also turn 25 in a couple of weeks ^_^ Halfway to 50 as David likes to tease me about. I just remind him that he's turning 32 in September :P

David and I are trying for another baby too. We decided to wait till Shawn was one before we did. I'm off my birth control, and we're crossing our fingers. I want another girl so I have two of each, but of course another boy would be wonderful (I don't think Rahel will be happy about having three brothers in the future though LOL).

Ahhhhhhhhh speaking of babies, Heidi had a son!!!!! He was born on June 17th, and he's so cute! I'm an aunty, yayyyyyyyyyy <3 His name is Joshua.

Work is the same as usual, except I work longer hours now as Shawn is at daycare now.

I've been talking to my cousin Megan and she's got front row tickets to Raw live on July 3rd. David and I are going too, but we have middle tier seats, cos we couldn't afford $150 each. Our tickets are $99 each.

It's so cold lately. We constantly have the heater on. We've had an incident where Vegas thought it would be fun to touch the heater, and he burnt himself. Silly boy. We now have a gate around the heater so he and Shawn can't get to it. He only burnt himself cos I thought he was in his room but he came out and ended up next to the heater >_>

Oh man last time I wrote was before our huge trip to Scotland and the USA. It was absolutely kick ass. All my relatives in Scotland spoilt Rahel, Vegas and Shawn. We had to buy a couple of new suitcases to bring all the stuff back that we received and bought. New Year's in New York was amazing, Jo and Lewis flew over and joined us. Harold (David's Dad) watched the kids while we went out partying. We saw the ball drop in Times Square, it was awesome. We came home in mid January. Harold was glad to meet his grandchildren (he's only met Rahel once when she was a baby and it was the first time he'd met Vegas or Shawn).

He was going to come back over with us for awhile, but his work told him they needed him, so he couldn't. He's coming over in August instead for a month. He's going to stay with us - we have four bedrooms (David and I have the master obviously, Rahel has her own room, Vegas has his own room and Shawn shares with us still), so he can have his own room.

Hmm, David should be home from work in a minute (I worked till 2:30pm today), so I should go get dinner started.

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Your usual day! [04 Nov 2008|04:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It may be your usual day, but I'm happy :D

I had work from 8am to 2:30pm today. Work was normal, no crazy people xD I called Cheryl when I finished and asked her to watch Shawn till after 3pm today cos I had to go grocery shopping.

I picked up Vegas from daycare first today, then we picked up Rahel. Today Rahel's class did painting but Rahel forgot to tell me so I didn't pack her painting clothes DOH. She got paint all over her jeans and top, but she didn't care (I do, it's extra laundry >_>). I debated over whether to take her home to change before going to the supermarket, but in the end, I reckoned she didn't mind that she was covered in paint and I didn't really want to go home and then go out again. Then off to the supermarket we went, painty Rahel and all xD

I got what we needed for dinner (tonight is sausages & mashed potatoes, Rahel's favourite, she got excited when I told her it was mashed potato, it's her favourite food), some milk, some bread, a bottle of wine (for David and I) and some snack food. The woman who served me gave me shitloads of small change so I bought Rahel a Barbie and Vegas a toy car. They've both behaved themselves lately (I'm not mad at Rahel for getting paint all over herself, she's six and they did painting, her whole class was covered in paint xD), so they deserved something.

We went home, where Cheryl was watching Shawn (her daughter Jess had been picked up from daycare by her husband). She told me that he had a good day, he drunk all the milk I'd pumped for him and hadn't been fussy. He's a hungry boy, he wanted another feed as soon as we walked in the door. Cheryl hung out for awhile, and played with Rahel and Vegas while I fed Shawn.

Now it's 4:30pm, Rahel is watching a Hannah Montana DVD, Vegas is playing with his toys, Shawn is snuggled against me in a wrap and David will be home from work soon.

The Halloween party on Friday was lots of fun - Rahel's Hannah outfit was a smash, all the girls were jealous of her :D Vegas and David made an adorable pirate couple, and Shawn was absolutely cute as a pumpkin. I got loads of compliments about my Alice outfit too :D They had a competition for the best dressed kid and Rahel won!! They also gave out a gag prize for the best dressed adult and I won LMAO.

Saturday we went to the family barbeque. My cousin brought her son, who's almost 2. Vegas had fun playing with him. She's also pregant again (this is NOT the bitchy cousin who hated me, this is another one, I have lots of cousins LOL), due in January. She was asking me for advice about having more then one kid lol. We ate loads, and I had multiple glasses of Sangria (David was driving, so I could drink). David took the piss out of me after I couldn't walk straight LMAO. We got there about 2pm and left at around 7pm.

Tomorrow I'm working 8am to 2:30pm again, but Shawn is coming with me to work. He's with me the whole day, as Peter doesn't mind and neither does Jo, who is my shift mate. Peter tells me that whenever I need to feed Shawn, I can leave the desk to go and do it in private. Jo can man the desk for the 5 minutes I'll be gone LOL. I refuse to bottle feed Shawn just because I'm at work. Since I work from 8am now, David gets Rahel ready for school and drops her off cos he starts work at 9:30am.

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Hi! [30 Oct 2008|09:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow, I keep not updating xD

But the biggest news? I'm gonna be an auntie! Heidi's pregnant :D:D:D:D She's due in June next year. YAY! My sister's gonna be a mummy too <3

Tomorrow's Halloween! :D Rahel's school is having a Halloween party for all ages that we're taking the kids to. Everybody has to dress up, that includes the parents xDDD

Rahel is going as Hannah Montana - we got her a blonde wig and a Hannah like outfit. She can't wait to dress up like her idol xD Vegas is going as a pirate, he goes around saying "arrr!" all the time LOL. We're hauling out the pumpkin costume (that Vegas wore last year) for Shawn. David is dressing like a pirate too (he says he wants to be Captain Jack Sparrow xD), and I'm going as Alice In Wonderland - I'm going to wear a dress and pinafore. It's going to be loads of fun.

I don't let the kids trick or treat, and the party is a lot more fun anyway. The kids can run around together while the parents mingle. They're going to give the kids goodie bags of lollies too.

We decorated our house for Halloween too - we have a huge 'Happy Halloween!' banner hung up over our front door lol.

Next week is Guy Fawkes - we don't buy fireworks but Lewis is having a Guy Fawkes party next weekend that we're going to (he has one every year). My parents are babysitting that night, so we can have a couple of drinks.

Speaking of holidays, we've confirmed our trip overseas for Christmas. Rahel finishes school in mid December, so right after she finishes, we're going to Scotland to stay with some relatives. Mum & Dad are coming with us. We're staying in Scotland until just before New Year's (that means celebrating Christmas in Scotland) then going to New York City to stay with David's Dad. He hasn't met Vegas or Shawn yet and he's only met Rahel once (he came to NZ right after she was born, so he hasn't seen her for a LONG time), so it'll be cool. Jo and Lewis are both coming to New York for New Year's, we've already arranged for David's Dad to watch the kids so we can go out on the town xD When we mentioned to Lewis we'd be overseas for New Year's he got pissed off cos we'd miss his New Year's party. We suggested jokingly that he should come to New York, but he took us seriously xD Jo overheard and said she wanted to come too LOL. They both started saving up in January and now they have enough money to come xD

Rahel is excited about going overseas... although she should be used to it, it's like the 7th or 8th time she's gone overseas since she was born... yeah we travel A LOT. We last went overseas last November when we went to Hawaii. Before that, David and I toured the USA without the kids, but we cut it short cos we missed them too much. This time, the trip is a family affair, considering Mum & Dad are coming to Scotland with us. They're staying in Scotland after we go to the USA and going home after New Year's.

Buying Christmas presents this year will be interesting, because we're planning on buying some of the kids' presents here and some in the UK. Since we won't get to Scotland till about the 16th of December, I don't really want to leave all my buying until we get there. David said we should buy some here and there and the kids can get their NZ presents when we get back. It will be like having two Christmases.

We organised this trip in January before we even decided to move house and since we got 500k for our old house (David and I were both shocked as hell, that dump is worth 500k?), and our new place cost 300k, we have a whopping 200k left over. The trip is costing us a SHITLOAD - flights to Scotland, then to New York, then back to NZ, and we're also planning a stopover on the way back, probably in Thailand or Singapore, but since we have this extra money, we can afford it. We're shouting my parents the plane tickets to Scotland (they're paying for their tickets home though), and David's Dad might come back to NZ with us for awhile so we'll shout him his tickets too. Although we have the money, I still dread to think how much this is going to cost us overall. But we haven't seen David's Dad and brother (who lives in New York too) for almost six years and we haven't seen the family in Scotland for about four years.

Oh MAN, I didn't even talk about the new place o_O It's a beauty. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms (David and I have an ensuite! Heheh we don't have to share the bathroom with the kids xD), a nicely sized garden, a huge lounge, and a shiny new kitchen. A steal for 300k, considering our two bedroom, tiny dump of a house sold for 500k. Right now, Rahel and Vegas both have their own rooms and Shawn will have his own when he's old enough (we're using the other room as place to store our junk hehe).

Most of the money we had left over after buying the house was put away for the trip, but we splurged a little bit - we got premium seats for the July 2009 WWE Raw live show ($150 each for me, David and Lewis) and bought Rahel and Vegas a trampoline. Rahel loves that thing, she's obsessed with it. It's great exercise too, she's always asking to go outside and jump on it (I'd rather her be outside, jumping on it then inside watching TV). David and I even had a jump on it xD Speaking of TV, we bought a new one. We got a 32 inch plasma, it's gorgeous <3

Work is same old, same old. No crazy people lately, which is quite amazing considering my job brings out the nutters. My schedule:

I work Monday to Thursday.

Monday: I work 8am to 2:30pm. Shawn comes with me to work, I pick up Rahel and Vegas from school and daycare.
Tuesday: I work 8am to 2:30pm. Cheryl watches Shawn until 3pm, I pick up Rahel and Vegas from school and daycare.
Wednesday: Same as Monday.
Thursday: I work 8am to 5pm. David doesn't work Thursdays, so he watches Shawn and picks up Rahel and Vegas.

I don't work Fridays usually, but I sometimes do if somebody is sick or something else comes up. My boss is awesome and plans our work hours around our preferences, he knows David works 9 - 5 so I have to pick up Rahel and Vegas, he usually lets me finish my shift at 2:30 instead of 3. And everybody at work is awesome now, Emily quit in August xD

I would send Shawn to Vegas' daycare but he's not old enough. They only take children who are nine months old or older. Shawn is only 5 months old. We're planning on sending him for at least some of the day when he's old enough. Interaction with other babies is a good thing.

Anyway I rambled... life is chaotic around here but in a good way. Rahel is a star at school right now, they had parent teacher evening (again, they have it all the time) and nothing but good things were said about her :D Vegas is loving daycare, and Shawn is just adorable <3

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Heheh hi! [03 Oct 2008|11:14am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I haven't written for sooooo long! 7 weeks or something lol.

Today is David and I's 5th wedding anniversary :D Yay! 5 years of marriage. He's at work right now, but later we're going out. My parents are coming over to watch the kids. He got called in early this morning (to open up the store), so we didn't get a chance to exchange presents yet. I got him this really cool basket of hair products cos he's always complaining about how he has no products to do his hair with xD

Speaking of the kids, it's school holidays right now. Rahel is home, and Vegas is at daycare. Rahel has a friend over today, they're watching a DVD right now. I'm going to make lunch soon, in about half an hour. Shawn is snuggled against me in a wrap, I was just feeding him. I just asked the girls what they wanted for lunch - they both want peanut butter sandwiches. That's easy cos I just bought a new jar of peanut butter yesterday.

What has happened since I last wrote? David turned 31, we had this huge get-together. It was awesome, we drunk too much hehe.

My cousin's fiance managed to talk her out of using Imara as her baby's name so I have my name back xD He managed to convince her by saying he hated that name and wouldn't use it for his kid under any circumstances (he told me later that he actually liked it lol) xD It would be so hilarious if she had a boy though, cos then the whole topic would be moot LOL.

I was just catching up on topics on parenting101 and one caught my eye. It was asking what "junk" food you've fed your kids. I remember one day, David was away (he went on a conference to the South Island with his insurance company), and I was looking after a 18 month old Rahel on my own. I was ill too, with the flu. It was hard to get out of bed, but of course Rahel was hyper and wanted to play. I didn't want her to catch my flu, so I made her play in her room. Then she complained she was hungry, but I was too sick and tired to cook. So I just ordered in fish and chips xD Bad Mummy!
Reading about pickiness now, Rahel went through a horrible pickiness phase when she was 3. She eats anything now (except cauliflower, she hates it), but for awhile she wouldn't eat anything except chicken nuggets and vegemite sandwiches. I'd send lunch with her to preschool and she wouldn't eat any of it cos it wasn't nuggets or vegemite lol. I had the preschool call me, and I had to tell them about her pickiness. Finally, David and I convinced her to eat other stuff and now she eats like a horse. She always asks for seconds lol. Vegas isn't 3 yet, but right now he'll eat anything except onions. He HATES them. He's hated them ever since his Grandma (David's Mum) made him eat them and he gagged on them. I nearly kicked her ass for that.
Last night for dinner we had fish fingers, oven chips and David and I had a salad on the side. Rahel asked for some salad cos she loves her vegetables, so we gave her some. She really likes lettuce, she likes crunching it hehe. The best thing is Vegas looks up to his big sister and whatever Rahel has, Vegas wants some too. It's how we've got him to eat vegetables, by telling him Rahel loves them. If Rahel loves them, Vegas wants to love them too!

I'm going to make lunch for the girls, brb.

I'm back! I made them peanut butter sandwiches, and also gave them some fruit (Rahel picked a banana and her friend picked an apple), some celery (latest craze at school, apparently... no I'm not joking, the latest food craze is a vegetable instead of some sugary snack or something... yeah I was surprised too xD) and as a treat, some chips. I'm going to make my own lunch when Shawn falls asleep. I'mma put him back in his crib in our room and then get the baby monitor. I'd bring his crib in here, but the girls are being a little bit loud.

Ok I got distracted reading parenting101 posts, so it's time for lunch! Seeya later!

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=D [13 Aug 2008|12:47pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hiya! It's a neeeeeeeeeew day! Well, not really as it's almost 1pm xD

I'm just waiting for Cheryl to get here so we can have lunch. Rahel's at school, Shawn's asleep and Vegas is here cos he doesn't go to daycare on Wednesdays, only Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

At some point today, the women's team gymnastic finals are on. I have to watch it since I adore gymnastics (I used to be a gymnastic champion when I was younger :D). David is annoyed he has to work and miss all the Olympic action xD He complained about it this morning, so I told him to stop complaining and get his ass to work xD

Later today I'm gonna ring my cousin's fiance and tell him to tell my cousin to stop being such a bitch and just admit that she's just using my baby name pick to annoy me. Pfft, next thing I know though she'll probably be calling her kid Rahel or Vegas. I mean if it was some common name I liked like... I dunno, Benjamin or Joshua, I wouldn't mind so much. But it's IMARA for god sakes, it's not exactly the commonest of names, is it?

Hahah this morning I had some fun with packing lunch for Rahel. I let her buy from the lunch room once a week (on Friday) and I pack her lunch the rest of the week. I found out the menu for lunch at her school and I gave her what she's allowed and not allowed to order. I trust the kid, so I assume she's following my rules. But if she doesnt, it's no big deal as it's only once a week, and a lot of the time I only let her order if she's behaved herself that week. Anyway, today I packed her peanut butter sandwiches, a packet of these little dried up apricots, a bag of chips (she only gets chips twice a week), an apple and some biscuits. Rahel always eats all her lunch, she always comes home with an empty lunchbox. The kid eats like a horse and likes everything except carrots, she refuses to eat them. Vegas will also eat anything except onions. I'm glad I have kids who'll eat anything, it makes things so much easier when we go out. I never have trouble finding something the kids will eat if we go to a restaurant. Most of the time Rahel doesn't even like the 'kids menu' and wants to order something from the main menu xD We let her because it's good she wants to try new things. I usually just ask the waiter if he can make my meal a bit bigger so I can split it with her, because she usually says "I want what Mummy's eating!" xD She really likes curry as long as it's not too hot lol. She had some of it once when I ordered it and loved it. Now we make her own at home and she adores it.

Anyway I gotta go, Cheryl's here ^_^

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Bah [13 Aug 2008|12:51am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I posted this topic over in parenting101:


My cousin (I won't name her cos she's on the intarwebz and you never know she could stumble over this) is a massively huge bitch. I love most of my cousins, except for her.

She didn't speak to me for FIVE years cos she disagreed with what I was doing with my life - she stopped talking me in 2001 when I fell pregnant with Rahel. I was 17 then, so she thought I was a slut. Never mind the fact that I was in a COMMITTED HAPPY relationship with David! Oh no, according to her I was a total whore. She even asked me if I knew who the father of the baby was o_O I was like DUH IT's DAVID, YOU KNOW MY BOYFRIEND? She didn't like the fact that David was 7 years older then me either.

After that, we stopped talking. I refused to talk with a person who thought of me like that. She avoided me at family gatherings and when I had Rahel, she didn't even call to congratulate us or anything.

This lasted for years, she didn't acknowledge the fact I had Vegas either. David and my cousin's fiance (who is an awesome guy, god only knows why he's with her x_x) forced us to talk to each other. Now we can have a civilized conversation without wanting to kill each other, but it's not like we're best friends or anything. She called to congratulate us on the birth of Shawn, but she did it in a really snide voice, so I just thanked her and hung up. We're the same age, but she's six months older then me, so I'm sure she thinks I'm some kind of whore for having 3 kids by the age of 24. Rahel and Vegas have a 4 year age, and Shawn came two months before Vegas turned 2 so it's not like I'm popping out babies every year or something.

Now she's pregnant and stealing my baby names. She wants to name her kid Imara ;_;

By the way, I'm up because Shawn woke up for a feed. David went to bed at midnight but I knew Shawn would wake up soon so I stayed up.

On the Rahel Hannah Montana front, I've decided (on advice from the mothers in parenting101) to do other Hannah stuff with her - so I downloaded Miley Cyrus' new album Breakout and burned it to CD for her (we'll buy it when it comes out here in NZ, it comes out in September). The best thing? I listened to it myself and I found it's actually rather good. It's nothing like the Hannah Montana music, and some of the songs are really mature. Rahel only likes the fast songs - she loves "Breakout" "Fly On The Wall" "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "7 Things" but I like the ballad "Bottom Of The Ocean" - it's an incredibly mature song for a 15 year old. "Fly On The Wall" and "The Driveway" are very catchy too. Rahel and I have come to an agreement - she's either allowed to watch 2 Hannah episodes on TV or one of her DVDs each day and THAT'S IT. No more. She's happy with it as she gets to watch still and I'm happy because it stops her tantrums. In fact, today she came home from school, watched one Hannah episode then asked me if she could put on the Breakout CD. I was extremely happy to let her do so and asked her if she wanted to make up a dance to one of the songs and perform it. Rahel picked to dance to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and involved Vegas too. They did a little routine and performed for David and I, it was adorable and lots of fun.

Well, I really better go to bed since I have to be up at 8am tomorrow to get ready Rahel and Vegas ready for school and daycare.

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